Footprint, rise Video

This piece gives body to absence, with sound elements based off of Brahms' first piano rhapsody. Inside the piano bench is a recording of the violinist trying to play this piece on the piano. On music stands placed throughout the room are handmade paper, wire, and pencil instructions for playing the piano to create a sound landscape. Originally, the site had been promised 100 Steinway pianos, but they were taken away six days before the show. The re-created piece replaced pianos with music stands, and two upright pianos in the hallway entrance stood guard with instructions for people to follow. The performer walked the perimeter of the room on its marble windowsills, guided people to listen to the music in the piano bench, and improvised off of the sounds inside the room. Site Unseen at the Chicago Cultural Center, November 2005. Performance duration: 3 hours.

Cameras: Patrick Read Johnson, Ryan Speers, Nathalie Vidlak
Editors: Brian Kallies, Cindy Lee