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Whenever possible, I make the paper required to create my artwork. The steps for making hanji are numerous but have been documented widely.

    1. This is a basic step-by-step illustration on Provenance
    2. The Plain Dealer also covered many of the steps, photographed by Gus Chan
    3. Video of hanji making and jiseung, via ideastream

Here are videos of Korean papermaking masters, as well as footage from my apprenticeship on a Fulbright grant:

These are the steps after harvesting and processing bamboo to create the fine screens (bal) necessary to make hanji:

This is an overview of paper strips transformed into cord, and then into baskets, using the Korean method of jiseung:

You can view a step-by-step process in images of making my hanji ducks on Provenance.

Dennis Knowles produced an excellent video for ideastream/PBS that aired on TV about the hanji and duck making process.

Finally, building the first hanji studio in the U.S. at the Morgan Conservatory in Ohio:

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