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Aimee makes hanji
Aimee beats bast fiber by hand


Aimee Lee is an artist, papermaker, writer, and the leading hanji researcher and practitioner in North America (BA, Oberlin College; MFA, Columbia College Chicago). Her Fulbright research on Korean paper led to her award-winning book Hanji Unfurled (The Legacy Press) and the first US hanji studio in Cleveland. Her artwork resides in collections that include the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Stanford University, UCLA, and Yale University. She has shown at the Fuller Craft Museum, Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking, Korean Cultural Service (NYC) and Korean Cultural Center (D.C.). Her work has appeared in The Korea Times, The New York Times, The Plain Dealer, KBS World Radio, PBS, VOA, and CNN’s Great Big Story.

Aimee has taught and lectured at the American Museum of Natural History, Asian Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Oberlin College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Mills College, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and Penland School of Crafts. Funders include the US Fulbright Program, Korea Fulbright Foundation, John Anson Kittredge Fund, American Folklore Society, and the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design. She creates and expands studios to accommodate Korean and East Asian papermaking and travels the world to share her artwork and expertise. Aside from artists, she loves to spend time with librarians, conservators, and naturalists.

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Artist Statement

My questions are old but constant, like waves renewing themselves: how do we live with ourselves and others? Who is seen and who is not? What connects us? I approach this inquiry with the technology of hand papermaking. Through this water and cellulose based process, I work in changing seasons and different places with whatever plants and materials are available. I transform each unique batch of paper into books, hangings, sculptures, installations, or whatever the paper needs to become.

My materials and techniques come directly from my heritage as the American daughter of Korean immigrants. In a common second-generation reaction, I rejected my first language and culture to assimilate. Fortunately, I recovered Korean before it was too late. After I immersed myself in making artists’ books, I began to make paper and fell in love with the constant motion of water, the thoughtful process of manufacture, and the variety of materials I could source in nature. When I studied papermaking history, I noticed a gap when it came to Korean paper—hanji—and decided to return to its source.

In my year of field research across the Korean countryside I discovered more than paper. I met tremendous teachers and learned to make, fuse, texture, cord, weave, and dye hanji. In the mountains, I harvested wild Korean mulberry trees to extract their long fibers. These strands became strong, luminous paper, which Koreans turned into objects for survival, rituals, and pleasure. I visit these artifacts in museum storage to inspire new hanji art that I imbue with contemporary gestures. These gestures can look like rugged landscapes that cover most of the Korean peninsula, a garment patched from varied scraps, a woven bird that escaped its prior life as a wedding duck, or a commonplace book of stories with multiple narrators. I excavate my heritage, often disregarded in global power structures, to reveal a rich culture and bring attention to stories we rarely see or read. I labor over days and seasons in an unbroken tradition that stretches across millennia to transform plants into paper, and paper into living, breathing art.


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Film / TV / Radio / Podcasts

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Bookbinding Now with Susan Mills, Jan 16, 2013
“Maria the Korean Bride: A Film by Maria Yoon” (2013)

Newspaper Feature

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Magazine Feature

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