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Koreans have made paper since early in the first millennium CE, influenced directly by the process in China, and historical record indicates its transmission to Japan in 610 CE. Koreans developed their own unique style and techniques based on the materials and tools they had on hand, as well as their intended—and later, discovered—uses for paper. For a comprehensive overview, read about the history of hanji in Chapter One of Hanji Unfurled: One Journey into Korean Papermaking.



DIY Oberlin Part I

Abby Aresty interviews Aimee Lee for DIY Oberlin on WOBC 90.5, August 15, 2023. Aimee talks about how she got into art through music at Oberlin, and from artists’ books to papermaking to hanji, as well as the many different media she works in.

Cut the Craft

Aimee Lee weaves many aspects into being a craftsperson: she’s an artist, writer, and papermaker. In this episode, she highlights important terms like hanji (Korean paper) and jiseung (Korean paper basketry), and shares some of their history and practice. She highlights how important her relationships are to plants, land, and tradition, as well as how she synthesizes all of those things into her diverse practices. Episode 14,  recorded Sept 12, 2020.

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