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Jiseung / noyeokgae: paper weaving

Using hanji (Korean handmade paper), a mind-boggling array of objects can be woven from hand-corded strips of paper. This craft from of weaving paper in Korea is called jiseung (formally known as noyeokgae), and my teacher, Na Seo Hwan, is a 3rd-generation master based in Seoul. For five months, I visited his home weekly, sometimes more, for lessons that were six to eight hours long. His wife would prepare delicious meals and snacks to sustain us as we sat on the floor, spinning, weaving, and sharing histories.

This was one of the most rich and unexpected aspects of my Fulbright research. Images include objects by my teacher, and the process of making a chamber pot, lantern, teacups, etc. Feb – June 2009.

Hanji gourds


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