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Whenever possible, I make the paper required to create my artwork. The steps for making hanji are numerous but have been documented widely.

  1. This is a basic step-by-step illustration on Provenance.
  2. The Plain Dealer also covered many of the steps, photographed by Gus Chan.
  3. Finally, for a story I wrote for Another Escape, Ricky Rhodes took these pictures.

Here are videos of Korean papermaking masters, as well as footage from my apprenticeship on a Fulbright grant:

These are the steps after harvesting and processing bamboo to create the fine screens (bal) necessary to make hanji:

This is an overview of paper strips transformed into cord, and then into baskets, using the Korean method of jiseung:

You can view a step-by-step process in images of making my hanji ducks on Provenance.

Dennis Knowles produced an excellent video for ideastream/PBS that aired on TV about the hanji and duck making process.

Finally, building the first hanji studio in the U.S. at the Morgan Conservatory in Ohio:

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