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Whenever possible, I make the paper for my artwork. For more details on my paper and art making process, see:

    1. Hanji making The Plain Dealer feature by Gus Chan
    2. Hanji and duck making ideastream video produced by Dennis Knowles

Videos of Korean papermaking masters follow, as well as footage from my apprenticeship on a Fulbright grant:

A brief overview of post-harvest steps to make bamboo screens—bal—necessary for making hanji. Only one master remains in Korea, and he provides screens for papermills all over the country. Yu Bae Geun was also a papermaker and is currently Jeolla-do’s intangible property holder in screen making.

The process of cording and twining hanji, Korean handmade paper, by master weaver Na Seo-hwan. This ancient paper craft is known formally as noyeokgae and colloquially as jiseung.

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